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UK car production But in services, domestic sales and orders remained static, as did the sector's employment expectations. The BCC said its survey also showed the prevalence of recruitment difficulties facing UK businesses, which worsened further during the quarter. Almost three-quarters of manufacturers reported difficulties hiring staff, and in services, the percentage rose to its highest since early 2016. BCC director general Dr Adam Marshall said: "The uninspiring results we see in our third-quarter findings reflect the fact that political uncertainty, currency fluctuations and the vagaries of the Brexit process are continuing to weigh on business growth prospects. "The chancellor's autumn Budget is a critical opportunity to demonstrate that the government stands ready to incentivise investment and support growth here at home. "While much of Westminster and Whitehall is distracted by Brexit, business needs action now on the home front. The solutions to some of the biggest issues currently facing our firms - including high up-front costs, a lack of incentive to invest, and a need for better infrastructure - are entirely within the power of the UK government to deliver." The BCC also said that in the current economic climate, it seemed "extraordinary" that the Bank of England was considering raising interest rates. "We'd caution against an earlier than required tightening in monetary policy, which could hit both business and consumer confidence and weaken overall UK growth," said BCC head of economics Suren Thiru. "While interest rates need to rise at some point, it should be done slowly and timed to not harm the UK's growth prospects." Buoyancy in the UK manufacturing sector is not universal at the moment, one company said. Andrew Varga, managing director of Seetru, a Bristol-based manufacturer of safety valves for industry, told the BBC's Today programme his firm was "slightly more pessimistic" than the BCC.

All Sullivan knew was that her then-42-year-old mother had breast cancer, lost her hair and wore a wig. It was only in adulthood that Sullivan found out from her mother the details she didn’t know about as a child: the 10 rounds of chemotherapy, the stage 3 breast cancer’s progression to her mother’s lymph nodes, the radiation treatments or the partial mastectomy that resulted in far more tissue being removed than anticipated. And she didn’t know about the surgical drains — plastic tubes attached to collection bulbs — that were siphoning blood-like fluid away from the incisions, hidden under a bathrobe. “Women who have undergone mastectomies have told me that afterward, your body just feels mangled; one woman told me she felt like a teenage boy when she came home,” says Sullivan. “The drains exemplify that grossness. It’s this medical tubing that’s hanging out of their bodies, and it’s collecting this เสื้อ คู่รัก โปโล fluid that looks like blood into this ball. There’s nothing about it that feels like it’s something they want other people to know that they’re going through.” Sullivan, 25, DAAP ’15, M (DAAP) ’16, has dedicated the past four years of her life to helping women who are recovering from breast cancer-related surgery maintain their dignity and freedom. Both her undergraduate capstone project and her master’s thesis in fashion design at UC’s College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning focused on devising clothing that gives women a fashionable way to conceal drainage tubing and fluid collection bulbs. Sullivan’s clothing line, With Grace B. Bold, launched Oct. 1, coinciding with the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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