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We don’t churn out multiple collections every year because it is considered a product that is meant to be cherished, not to be cast away after wearing once. We grow slowly and organically and don’t employ people or looms because brocade is in trend or handwoven textiles are fashionable.” Businesswise, Payal ensures responsible sourcing of yarn and dyeing facilities at her weaving clusters in Varanasi, West Bengal and Bhagalpur. Among the high-end designers, promoting sustainable fashion is Anita Dongre with her brand named Grassroot. For her, sustainable fashion means conducting the business of fashion the way it was always meant to be — looking towards the future, practicing and building processes that are sustainable, respectful of the people involved and environmentally conscious. “Grassroot is the embodiment of my core passion—to design clothes that hold a purpose. Every piece in this collection celebrates the crafts of India in contemporary wear. It also provides artisans a sustainable means of income in their villages, thus driving economy back through textile crafts.” With her, the idea was to give back to industries that have been behind-the-scenes of mainstream fashion. “It keeps the focus on reviving and empowering indigenous weavers and craftsmen by giving them employment for the production of modern-day garments,” says Dongre. Simple and easy to wear is the mantra for Anita Lal from Good Earth.

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